Welcome to the Intex X-Plan Warranty Program

For Your "Peace Of Mind".............the Intex X-Plan Warranty Program offers you a choice of 3 Warranty Options to cover your investment.

Option 1:
Manufacturers 12 months Warranty (TapeTech products: 5 years). Complete the form on the Intex Warranty Card, seal and post back to us using our Freepost service.

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Option 2:
Manufacturers Warranty PLUS 6 Months Free!
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Option 3:
Manufacturers Warranty PLUS 12 Months! 
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Step 1.

Register Information

Step 2.

Select Product & Enter Serial No.

Step 3.

Select Warranty Option

Step 4.

Warranty Plan Complete!


What we cover…

Your Warranty means that the product you have purchased is covered against faulty parts or manufacturing workmanship. We will cover the cost of repair labour and replacement parts for all repairs required under warranty when claimed by our Authorized Service Agent.


What is not covered…

  • Repairs due to willful or accidental damage, neglect, abuse or incorrect use.
  • Failure due to external causes E.G. electrical failure due to use via a generator
  • Modifications or repairs carried out by any unauthorized persons
  • Costs where no failure is identified.
  • Consequential loss or damage


  • Full details can be found here


  • For assistance and inquiries, please contact us on our Free Phone number 0800 278 276 or by e-mail at sales@intex.co.nz


  • It is important to lodge your Warranty Registration within 30 Days of purchase