1. Why Use Automatic Taping and Finishing Tools?

    All industry professionals have an opinion about what style of plasterboard tools works best for them.  Overall, most agree that hand tools are best for close-quarter finish work,

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  2. Are you GMBA Safe?

    In the GBMA booklet, ‘Guide to Safe Site Delivery in the Plasterboard Industry’, it states that plasterboard delivery trucks and their drivers ‘should carry appropriate equipment to ensure that the task of transporting, unloading and delivering plasterboard and other products are carried out in a safe manner’.

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  3. Safely Moving Plasterboard Onsite


    The wall and ceiling industries are concerned about the safe on-site delivery and storage of plasterboard. Experience has shown that improperly handled and stored plasterboard can represent a safety risk.

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  4. 5 Benefits of LED Lighting: How Important is Lighting on a Worksite?

    We all know how hard it can be working in the dark!

    Proper construction lighting is a critical component to worksite safety. It improves night-time visibility, making workers less prone to hazards in the evening, and ensures the safety of workers in high-traffic zones.

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  5. Drywall Sanders: Technology That Will Save Downtime and Service Costs


    With Intex releasing new technology advancements buffering the market for drywall sanders, gone are the days of high maintenance on your tools such as Carbon Brushes and Direct Drive Motors on power sanders. Read more!

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  6. Did you know? The Secrets Behind Drywall Ceiling Grids


    When it comes to putting together a ceiling, it’s important to understand the raw facts of the game.

    Here’s some considerations for you prior to making your decision when it comes to grid ceilings.

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  7. Hot Tips: Get the Best out of Onsite Ceiling Access


    At Intex, we’re committed to innovative solutions with our eyes on the prize when it comes to ceiling access. Here’s some food for thought. When creating a ceiling access point, whether it’s for a home renovation, office, commercial or industrial space, there are several factors to consider upon installation.

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  8. Plasterboard Sanders: 5 MUST'S to get that perfect finish, biggest productivity benefits and maximum return!


    It is important to know that although many Power Sanders can be used for sanding Plasterboard, it is critical to use one designed specifically for that purpose, built to deal with fine Plasterboard dust. Plasterboard sanding generates dust so fine that it can slowly deteriorate the entire operation and functionality of an unsuited or inferior quality Sander

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  9. The Evolution of Working with Drywall


    Introducing the Drywall Power Sander has proven to greatly increase productivity, provide a solution for consistent quality results, and enhance safety for many trades.

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  10. Power Tools: Why Proper Mixing Matters!


    No matter the construction site you may be on, it is more than likely you will see someone using the incorrect power tool to mix materials. More often than not, battery or corded hand drills fitted with mixing rods are used. While this may be adequate for DIY requirements or smaller quantities, typical building materials of higher viscosity and or larger mixing levels should only be mixed with a speciality power mixer.

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