Introducing the Drywall Power Sander has proven to greatly increase productivity, provide a solution for consistent quality results, and enhance safety for many trades.


When completing the installation of plasterboard, using a drywall sander is the final process before any coatings can be applied. Although this process is usually the most time consuming, sanding being a dusty and tedious task, it is really the most important because the slightest flaw or inconsistency can show through many layers of paint or coating materials. However, sanding plasterboard is not where the use of power sanders stops for industry professionals. Carpenters, painters and renovators are often required to sand non-plasterboard surfaces such as cement sheet, concrete, timber panelling and floors. There will also be specific surface preparation applications, such as stripping back old surfaces, wallpaper and lead based paint removal or sanding in-between paint coats.


Sometimes evolution can be slow. In the past, the use of traditional hand sanding methods has been the accepted solution. However, in more recent years the introduction of the powered Intex Giraffe® Dustless Sander has largely put hand methods to rest. When first developed and introduced to the plasterboard industry by Intex, the benefits of the Intex Giraffe® were quickly recognised and have now completely revolutionised sanding methods for the trade. This has reduced labour costs and the unhealthy conditions of traditional techniques, whilst maximizing productivity and providing consistent quality results. Demand for the Intex Giraffe® is now rapidly growing into other industries, especially with its ability for use on many surfaces, such as plasterboard, cement sheet, concrete and timber.


Faster. Smarter!

Using the Intex Giraffe® Dustless Sander enables the operator to complete the sanding process 70% to 80% faster as opposed to traditional hand sanding methods, hugely increasing productivity. Its performance accelerates the whole sanding operation, whilst taking much of the effort out of the sanding process. The Sanders length also limits the need for bulky and costly scaffolding and stilts, whilst sanding ceilings and high walls. All this in turn helps finish more jobs in a given time frame, generating more profit. The end result also makes a substantial impact when considering labour costs. With companies always looking for ways to cut costs and a contractor's greatest cost being labour, this is a big factor to be considered.


Safer. Cleaner!

The Intex Giraffe® Dustless Sander is designed to clean up after itself, extracting the dust as it is generated through the Intex Useit® SuperPads, featuring patented German dust extraction technology. This not only keeps the sanding area clean and healthy, but also helps increase visibility, so spots or inconsistencies can be identified. With the old traditional methods of hand sanding, or when using inferior sanding machines, the operator would need to prepare for a load of dust, applying all the relevant protective gear to prevent inhalation of dust particles. Entrances would also need to be sealed off to avoid spreading dust. As well as preventing these additional expenses and downtime, effectively removing dust while in operation, before the machine operator gets a chance to breathe it in, is a major safety advantage. Inhaled dust can cause serious harm and long-term damage to the lungs and respiratory tract.


The Intex Giraffe® Sander teamed with the Intex Starmix® Dust Extractor and Intex Useit® SuperPads, is the proven solution; designed to work seamlessly and efficiently together, yielding better, cleaner and safer results for virtually every requirement.


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