The GBMA booklet, ‘Guide to Safe Site Delivery in the Plasterboard Industry’, states that plasterboard delivery trucks and their drivers ‘should carry appropriate equipment to ensure that the task of transporting, unloading, and delivering plasterboard and other products are carried out in a safe manner.

As a result of this commitment, the GBMA is actively working to provide information to address the safety challenges faced on a daily basis within the wall and ceiling industry and collectively, across commercial and residential construction sites – as safety is always number one.

The purpose of the GBMA is the Safe Site Delivery of Plasterboard and Associated Products on site and to minimize hazards associated with the delivery and on-site storage of plasterboard.

It is recommended that when unloading plasterboard off the truck that workers carry within their own personal carrying capabilities. The use of board carrying devices is an acceptable practice, and this is why Intex recommends evaluating the lifting task, ensuring the travel way is clear and that wind is not a risk factor. Hold the board at the top and bottom or both hands at the bottom edge and carry close to your body.

When carrying board in teams, it is important that the capabilities of the team members are matched. For further information on manual handling, techniques refer to the “Move it the GBMA Way – A Safe Manual Handling Guide for the Plasterboard Industry”, produced by the Gypsum Board Manufacturers of Australasia, and “It’s not a Board Game” produced by the Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations, marketed through the Association of Wall and Ceiling Industries of Australia & New Zealand (AWCI).

The list then includes the following recommendations for handling plasterboard.

When offloading or loading onto a delivery truck, you should always have:

⦁ Safety Railing
⦁ Independent Height Adjustable Steps
⦁ Adjustable Leg Stools or Foot Rails
⦁ Trolleys
⦁ Adjustable/Expandable Planks
⦁ Temporary Hand Rails
⦁ Ladders (either inbuilt or
⦁ attached to the tray)
⦁ Ratchet Straps
⦁ (50mm with minimum 2000kg
⦁ lashing capacity as
⦁ per COR legislation)
⦁ Safety Footwear
⦁ Safety Glasses
⦁ Safety Hi-Vis Vests

• Carry plasterboards on edge – two people to plasterboard.
• Place plasterboards down on their long edge before turning flat.
• Use a platform/pallet to support plasterboards when mechanically handling.

• Don’t carry plasterboards horizontally.
• Don’t stack pallets on-site where the surface may not be firm, flat, and level.

Intex is committed to providing plasterboard delivery safety for both the drivers of trucks and their deliveries so that they’re always SAFE, SECURE & READY TO GO!