Introduction to Sales

Sales is an exciting hands-on role where you will share Intex solutions and innovations with companies of all sizes. As helping make all kinds of construction projects, commercial, residential, entertainment, sporting, leisure etc, safer and more productive, you will meet all kinds of people – from construction workers to project managers and company leaders.

Our sales force exercises professional consultative selling, forging new associations with potential customers and building relationships with existing ones. Most will already know, trust and want our products. You will be demonstrating some of the most pioneering solutions in the industry, selling our unique integrated system of products, along with all the services and after-care that come with the Intex brand.

Some of our team members have joined without experience in the construction industry, yet their energy, courage, clever thinking, competitive drive and dedication to our customers make them flourish in this role.

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Trained, Challenged & Rewarded

At Intex you will enjoy all the perks of being part of a big company, but with the autonomy of running a small business.

Our standards are high and that includes our training. We train and develop our people with a mission to keep them. Most of your training will happen on the job but when you first join the company, you will start with an introduction to our values, our HATCH culture of honesty, advancement, teamwork, cleanliness, humility, along with our strategy for growth, before meeting the customers and products that you will get to know so well. We will then give you any specialist knowledge and equipment you need to be successful and exceed expectations in your role.

We will reward you for your hard work with generous incentives, as well as coaching and attention to the progression of your career. With consistently outstanding results plus teamwork and commitment, you can move into leadership roles quickly at Intex.

Building Excellent Customer Relationships in Different Roles

There are two main roles in our team, working as an account manager with distributor clients on or servicing construction sites or giving specialist advice as a customer service representative.

Account Management is a consultative selling role where you will build on our relationships with construction professionals who want the best quality products from a brand they know and trust.

You will have your own set of clients and an appointed territory, equipped with the knowledge and equipment needed to be successful in your role. You will be given the trust needed to do what it takes to get results. It is a lot like running your own business, so you will need an entrepreneurial spirit and will reap the rewards of being proactive.

You will have every opportunity to develop your career, as your role will evolve with all the products we launch. We release many different materials, tools and equipment each year, so you will always be challenged to learn something new. With strong commitment, high performance and the drive to succeed, you can quickly move up and progress your career.

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The Customer Service Representative role is where you will help look after our portfolio of small to large businesses, ranging from sole traders to large construction sites, acting as a trusted Intex representative. Your role is to be on hand for anything they need and to give each client relationship a friendly personal touch.

Your job might mean taking inbound calls from customers wanting technical advice about specific products or construction site problems. You could also be making outbound calls to customers who may benefit from our new products and or promotions.

You will have broad product knowledge across the complete Intex catalogue, which opens lots of career options for the future. If you need any help on a specialist product area, you can always rely on your team for advice. It is all about fostering our trusted relationships and using your product knowledge to find solutions to clients’ needs.

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Building Excellence at Every Level

Our business model relies on teamwork and as member of our corporate team you will be exactly that, part of a team.

A role at Intex is the cutting edge of corporate innovation, where the culture is unique and the pace is very fast. You will find Intex a vibrant and rewarding place to work and progress your career as we are constantly finding new ways to inspire our people to give the best of themselves in delivering exceptional results.

We are all about our people, our teams, our partners and our customers. With a close-knit family feel, the whole Intex team around the world combines to drive our key initiative in everything we do internal and externally, Building Excellence.

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