Introduction to Engineering

Innovation is our lifeblood and our engineers challenge themselves each day to find innovative solutions in safety and productivity.

A role within our engineering team could involve consulting on construction sites or developing products in our R&D innovation centre. You might specialize in metals, firestop, corrosion, seismics etc, whatever your field you will play an important part in some exciting projects at the forefront of technology.

Different Ways to Innovate

There are two main roles in our scope of engineering, working as a field engineer with clients on big construction sites or researching and developing innovative product solutions that makes the work of our customers easier and safer.

The Field Engineer role is a consultative role whereby you will work on construction sites with designers and architects, as well as structural engineers and company leaders.

Engaging early in the design stage, you’ll forge these relationships by showing the value we can add when Intex solutions are specified into the design, from structural systems to the tools that go with them. You will then help the designer bring things to life by translating designs to the construction and product teams, including contractors, marketing and sales.

This is an important role at Intex, as you are the connection between design and sales, the transition from plan to reality. Along the way, you will address any design needs, building codes and potential problems. There is no manual for the job, as any big construction project comes with its own unique hurdles. Hence an agile thinker is required, who relishes the prospect of finding bespoke solutions to unexpected complications.

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Research and Development is the driving force of our business and part of our DNA. It is how we continue to innovate over our competitors and why we heavily invest each year in exploring new solutions and innovations. As an R&D engineer, you will work at the cutting edge of technology with lots of responsibility from early on.

You will be involved in developing products through their entire life cycle, with tangible results every time. It means a huge sense of accomplishment and a unique insight into how the world is built. It also means exposure to every function of the process, production, operations, supply, project management, marketing and sales as you see your products go through the chain.

Working directly with our customers and production facilities around the globe, your job involves ensuring the connection between theoretical and practical application of our products.

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Trained, Challenged & Rewarded

We train and develop our people with a mission to keep them.

Our standards are high and that includes our training. When you first join the company, you will start with an introduction to our values, our ‘HATCH’ culture of honesty, advancement, teamwork, cleanliness, humility, along with our strategy for growth. We will then give you any specialist knowledge and equipment you need to be successful and exceed expectations in your role.

We will reward you for your hard work with generous incentives, as well as coaching and attention to the progression of your career. With consistently outstanding results plus teamwork and commitment, you can move into leadership roles quickly at Intex.

Building Excellence at Every Level

Our business model relies on teamwork and as member of our corporate team you will be exactly that, part of a team.

A role at Intex is the cutting edge of corporate innovation, where the culture is unique and the pace is very fast. You will find Intex a vibrant and rewarding place to work and progress your career as we are constantly finding new ways to inspire our people to give the best of themselves in delivering exceptional results.

We are all about our people, our teams, our partners and our customers. With a close-knit family feel, the whole Intex team around the world combines to drive our key initiative in everything we do internal and externally, Building Excellence.

See our current engineering roles.